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Tyler Hudson
Licensed Professional Counselor
Board Certified Counselor (NCC)
Certified Wellness Counselor 
*Offering online and in-person appointments

A safe and professional environment to discuss your concerns, develop goals, and experience relief. 

An opportunity to address problems that exist in your relationship as a result of communication and relational patterns.

A place to optimize the well- being of yourself or your organization. 

A means to gain objective insight into your mental and emotional state and personality, and understand your options. 

Therapeutic Approach 

My approach to counseling is tailored to the individual needs of my clients and is grounded on a secure client-therapist relationship. Once this is established, interventions are selected based on current empirically supported treatment options and the unique needs of the client(s).


In session you can expect confidentiality, a skillful, empathic therapist who can recognize problems and identify solutions, and relief from symptoms that you recognize and those that you may not.

About me

In addition to being a military veteran, I hold masters degrees in both Mental Health Counseling and Theological Studies, and am currently a Graduate Teaching Associate and Ph.D. candidate in Counselor Education at Ohio State University.

Getting Help

Counseling is a safe, supportive, and professional relationship utilized to address and alleviate difficulties brought on by personal, social, relational, spiritual, vocational, or physical concerns. Counseling provides a safe space to discuss these concerns, develop a treatment plan, and work toward goals. 


Children & Adolescents

Be well.

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