Is counseling for me?

Counseling is a safe, supportive, and professional relationship utilized to address and alleviate difficulties brought on by personal, social, relational, spiritual, vocational, or physical concerns. Counseling provides a safe space to discuss concerns, develop a treatment plan, and work toward goals. 


What is Wellness Counseling?

Wellness Counseling is "a holistic approach that strives for the responsible integration of effective counseling approaches with a variety of complimentary health practices" (Granello, 2013). This orientation toward counseling takes seriously the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions that make us human and considers each domain during treatment. 


What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Evidence-Based Practice is the use of empirical evidence and research to inform diagnostic and treatment decisions. 


How long are counseling sessions?

Individual sessions last approximately 50 minutes. 

How long does counseling usually take?

Simply put, it varies. The duration of treatment is influenced by factors such as severity of concerns, social support, family of origin, and style of change.

How do I set up my first appointment?

Please email or call to schedule an initial appointment.

When can I be seen?

Flexible evening and weekend scheduling is available. Please email or call to inquire about a specific time that works for your schedule. 



How much do sessions cost? 

Individual sessions: $80-$100

Couples and family: $100-$120.

Do you accept insurance? 

Not at this time. Insurance is a helpful and sometimes necessary way to afford the care that you or a loved one needs. Despite this, some individuals decide against using insurance. In the past, individuals gave the following reasons for not using insurance for counseling. 

  • Privacy - Many managed care programs require more than a diagnosis and treatment dates to reimburse for counseling. You can be assured that your information will be protected according to HIPPA protocol and standards on my end, however once that information leaves the counseling office, the same assurances cannot be made for others. Additionally, use of insurance creates a record that might be considered when applying for life, health, or disability insurance

  • Costs - Depending on your plan, mental health benefits might be limited and/or come with a high deductible. In such a case, the benefits of counseling need to be weighed against the anticipated cost.  


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